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1 Day Rainbow Mountain Hike Tour
1 Day Rainbow Mountain Hike Tour
1 Day Rainbow Mountain Hike Tour

1 Day Rainbow Mountain Hike Tour

Full Day from $ USD 45.00

1 Day Rainbow Mountain Hike Tour

"In the heart of the Andes, discover the 7-coloured mountain"

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Full Day
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Min 2 / Max 15
Physical Level

1 Day Rainbow Mountain Hike Tour. Witness one of the magnificent natural landscapes nestled in the Andes of Cusco – Peru, which is the most snapshot-worthy locations in all of Peru. Feel the adrenaline of adventure with the Rainbow Mountain Day Tour. On this tour, your heart will surely fall for the staggering beauty of Vinicunca mountain.

Cusco, Peru Rainbow Mountain Day Hike, also known as 7-colored mountain or Vinicunca (for the locals). It is an impressive geological formation that in millions of years, thanks to its mineral wealth, presents different colors that resembles the rainbow. This natural wonder is located at 5,200msal/17,060ft, in the Andes Mountain range, south of Cusco and next to the Ausangate mountain (The fifth highest mountain in Peru, 6,385masl /20,948ft).

About Rainbow Mountain Day Tour

Peru Rainbow Mountain Day Hike, is one of the best alternatives and a must for gorgeous scenery and hiking’s lovers.

Nestled in a remote region of the Vilcabamba mountain range, the Rainbow Mountain 6 years ago was once a spectacle only to be admired by trekkers along the Ausangate Trek, but now you can contemplate this display of natural beauty in all its splendor on a day trip as part of your Peru vacation.

The 7-Colored mountain Day Tour, starts (At 4:30am) and ends (At 6:00pm) in the Cusco city.

If you are thinking of exploring the Vinicunca mountain, join the Machupicchu Andes Tours – Matours expert team, a local tour operator in Cusco. You will not regret it, you will have a pleasant, guaranteed and personalized trip.

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  • Admire the visual spectacle offered by the Rainbow Mountain.
  • Photograph Vinicunca Mountain, the second most visited tourist attraction in Cusco after Machu Picchu.
  • Admire the beautiful and complex geological formation of marine, lake and river sediments.
  • Enjoy the imposing fifth highest mountain in Peru, Ausangate.
  • Stroll among South American camelids in their natural habitat: llamas, alpacas and others.
  • Meet the local people, descendants of the Incas, and admire their traditional costumes.

1 Day Rainbow Mountain Hike Tour Summary

Get ready for an unforgettable one-day experience on the Rainbow Mountain or Vinicunca.

  • Depart Cusco at 4:30 – 5:00am.
  • Homemade breakfast in the Cusipata town.
  • At 8:30am. Start of the 1-and-a-half-hour hike to the Seven-colored Mountain Day Tour
  • At 10:00am – 10:30am. Arrival to the rainbow mountain viewpoint.
  • At 12:30pm. return by bus and lunch in Cusipata town.
  • Arrival in Cusco at approximately 5:30pm.

Rainbow Mountain Day Tour Itinerary


Cusco – Cusipata – 7 Colored Mountain – Cusco.

To start the rainbow mountain day tour. Our tour guide and mobility will pass through your hotel in Cusco. Then, make a trip of 1.5-hour to the Cusipata town where you will enjoy an energetic breakfast; continue your journey for 1 hour to Phullawasipata – Chilliwani community and start uphill hike until you reach the Seven-Colored mountain. While climb with your professional leader, enjoy the beautiful scenery and see also the South American Camelids and other high Andean animals in their natural habitat.

From the Rainbow mountain viewpoint, enjoy a complete compendium of the scenic beauty. Also, appreciate the fifth highest mountain in Peru (Ausangate) and take excellent photos.

After marveling, start to return through the red valley to the bus station. Then, enjoy a pleasant lunch and later return to Cusco.

Arrival in Cusco around 6:00 p.m.


B & D

Physical Level

2, Moderate

Distance Hiked

5km/3.1miles, round-trip hike

Tour Length

3-hour hike

Starting Altitude

3,350m/10.091ft, Cusco

Max Altitude

5,200m/17,060ft, Rainbow mountain lookout point

Packing List

  • Walking sticks, only if necessary
  • A personal light backpack
  • Waterproof jacket or rain poncho
  • Hats or caps
  • Sunscreen
  • Personal medication
  • Energy bars
  • Lipstick
  • Sunglasses
  • Cameras
  • Bottled water
  • extra money (soles)


  • To do this tour, you must be in Cusco at least 2 days before to acclimatize.
  • Before going to the 7-colored mountain, take short walks around Cusco to better adapt to the weather or you can hire short tours. City tourSacred ValleyMaras Salt mines – Moray – Chincherosouth valley or you can also visit Machu Picchu first.
  • You must drink coca tea that will help you adapt better to the weather
  • Wear appropriate clothing for hiking (trek shoes, thermal clothing, etc.)
About 1 Day Rainbow Mountain Hike Tour Prices

Our Prices are expressed in US dollars (US$) and per person. We offer 2 types of Tours: Rainbow mountain in Group tour and private tour (Exclusive).

Price List

Group Tour

Rainbow Mountain Group Tour Price.

The whole tour will be done in a group of 15 or more people. The members of the group will be from different nationalities and also of different languages, beliefs, ages, sex, etc. But the guided tour will be only in 2 languages English and Spanish.

Join our already formed groups and together with your new friends experience the 7-Colored mountain Cusco, Peru.

We have daily departures and all 12 months of the year.

Pax number Price per person
2 or more people $ USD 45.00 Inquiry Now
Private Tour

Rainbow Mountain Private Tour Prices

This option is exclusive for you who prefer to do the 7-Colored Mountain Day Tour with your partner, family, children or friends and do not want to meet with strangers. You can start the hike any day of the year. The tour will be in English or Spanish. If you wish to do the tour in your preference language, ask for the guide who speaks the language you want.

The price varies according to the number of people booking together, the more people in your group, the price decreases.

Pax number Price per person
1 Persons $ USD 299.00 Inquiry Now
2 Persons $ USD 170.00 Inquiry Now
3 Persons $ USD 130.00 Inquiry Now
4 Persons $ USD 110.00 Inquiry Now
5 Persons $ USD 99.00 Inquiry Now
6 to + Persons $ USD 89.00 Inquiry Now

Packing list

  • Walking sticks, only if necessary
  • A personal light backpack
  • Waterproof jacket or rain poncho
  • Hats or caps
  • Sunscreen
  • Personal medication
  • Energy bars
  • Lipstick
  • Sunglasses
  • Cameras
  • Bottled water
  • extra money (soles)

Travel Guide

Peru rainbow mountain / rainbow mountain day hike / 7-Colored mountain Day Tour

It is one of the major tourist attractions of the land of the Incas, Cusco, Peru. It is for the incomparable scenic beauty that it presents.
The colourful Vinicunca is due to a geological formation accumulated over time by the mixture of marine, lake and river elements. This gathering of minerals dragged by the waters of the mountain range, the winds and the humidity, has caused the place oxidation and has made the mountain acquire this magical diversity of tonalities.

Geologists and experts in the field affirm that this phenomenon has only recently been discovered due to the glaciers melting that used to cover the mountain and that received snow constantly until the beginning of the 1990s.

Today, it has become a must-see destination for visitors to Cusco, Peru. Its popularity grew five years ago, largely thanks to hiking and mountaineering enthusiasts who were amazed by this unique phenomenon on their way to Ausangate Mountain. The majesty of its colours and the peculiarity of its landscape began to be posted all over social media.

On Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok and others, thousands of internet users reacted to the publication and shared it on their own social networks, creating a multiplier effect. US media outlet Business Insider included Vinicunca as part of a list of the 100 must-visit places in the world.

FAQS1 Day Rainbow Mountain Hike Tour

What is the Rainbow Mountain?

The Rainbow Mountain or Vinicunca appearance is due to “a complex geological history of marine, lake and river sediments”. These sediments, transported by the waters that once covered the area, date from between the Tertiary and Quaternary periods, that is, between 65 and two million years ago.

Over time, the sediments formed the layers that today show off the strips that attract tourists.

The movement of the tectonic plates in the area lifted these sediments until they became mountains. Then they acquired their striking colors due to the oxidation of their minerals, caused by the humidity of the area, and their erosion.

What is the Peru Rainbow Mountain Day Hike maximum altitude?

The Peru Rainbow Mountain maximum altitude is 5,200 masl/17,060ft.

How many kilometers or miles of hiking is the 7-Colored Mountain Day Tour?

From the bus parking lot to the 7-color mountain it is 2.5 km/1.5miles. round trip would be 5 km/3.1miles.

What is the weather and the minimum and maximum temperature in the Rainbow Mountain?

The weather in the mountain of colors is very changeable, so it is recommended to be well prepared, but there are 2 well defined seasons: dry and rainy.

– The dry season is from April to October. Most days are sunny, but it can rain and snow at any time. In this season the temperature ranges between 5°C and 12°C.

– The rainy season is from November to March. There is presence of torrential rains and snow. The mountains are always covered with snow and fog. In this season the temperature ranges between 0°C and 14°C.

What are the most recommended months to do the 1 Day Rainbow Mountain Hike Tour?

To do the Rainbow Mountain Day Tour, it is recommended to do it in the dry season from April to October, the days are completely sunny and you can fully enjoy the scenic beauty, but do not be too confident it can rain and snow at any time.

What is the Rainbow Mountain Hike difficulty?

The hike to the 7-Colored mountain is moderate (1,2,3,4,5). With a 3-and-a-half-hour hike at a slow pace. To do this hike you must be in acceptable physical condition. The route is slightly steep uphill. Due to its altitude and lack of oxygen makes this hike exhausting. It is recommended to do short hikes before this tour.

Can I rent a horse to ride on the Rainbow Mountain?

Yes, you can rent horses on site. It will cost you an average of 90 soles (25 USD).

What is included in the 7-Colored Mountain Day Tour?

If you travel with us you don’t have to worry about anything, we take care of organizing your trip. In our tour package, Rainbow Mountain Day Tou, we include: tourist mobility from your hotel in Cusco, a professional tour guide, entrance ticket, first aid kit, oxygen, food; breakfast and lunch.

Can I do the Rainbow Mountain Day Tour with children?

Yes, you can go as a family with children over 5 years old. It is not recommended to go with children under 5 years old, due to the high altitude and cold.

What is the price of the Peru Rainbow Mountain Day Hike?

We offer 2 types of excursions:

  • Shared or group tour. You will join a group of 10 to 15 people. The price is 35 USD per person.
  • Private service tour. This tour is recommended for families. The price varies depending on the number of family members. If you are traveling as a couple, the price is 170 USD per person. The more people traveling, the lower the price.
Are there restrooms on the route to Rainbow Mountain?

Yes, at breakfast and lunch you will be able to use the restrooms at the restaurant, but while walking to Rainbow Mountain you will find basic or rustic restrooms. Therefore, it is recommended that you bring your own toilet paper.

Mario Ordoñes Quispe Salvida

In Cusco, I am your travel specialist, with more than 10 years of experience organizing adventure trips.

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